Do you feel disgusting to work in a moist room?

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-08

As the name goes, this machine is used to decrease the humidity level in your room. It is often used in the offices, business meeting rooms or even personal rooms. Condensing the air is the principle adopted in this dehumidifier. The mechanism condenses the air into water and disposing off the water afterwards. This device is made up with four components:

Fan Compressor - The fan compressor contracts and expands cooling gas like Freon which make the coil of the machine cooled. The main work of the fan is to collect moist air from the surrounding area.Compressor Cooling Coils - After fan compressor collects the air from surroundings, the air passes through the cooling coils to lose the moisture.Re-heater - The re-heater increase the temperature of the cool air emitting from the coil. It helps the whole environment remain in normal room temperature.Reservoir - This is the last stage when water removed from the moist air to go to a reservoir. And this reservoir has a drainage system which helps the water to get out of the house.

Types of Dehumidifier:

There are many types of dehumidifiers among which the most common is refrigerator dehumidifier. I wrote all about it earlier. But there are other types as well. One among them is desiccant dehumidifier. As the name suggests; this type of machines uses desiccant material like silica to dry the air. The technology involved in it is very simple and also very effective.

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