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The 2nd China (Chongqing) Cross-Border E-commerce Fair

The 2nd China (Chongqing) Cross-Border E-commerce Fair


Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "Second China (Chongqing) Cross-border E-commerce Fair"

With the continuous development of economic globalization and cross-border e-commerce, China's cross-border e-commerce industry is also booming. In order to further promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, promote trade liberalization and facilitation, and promote the internationalization process of domestic enterprises, the 2nd China (Chongqing) Cross-border E-commerce Fair will be held from May 18 to 21, 2023 at Chongqing International Expo Center held. Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to participate in the exhibition.

Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating industry and trade. As an enterprise with 21 years of experience, the company has strong technical research and development capabilities and rich experience in cross-border e-commerce. We displayed our company's main products at this exhibition, including molecular sieves, activated powder, activated alumina, ceramic balls and other chemical fillers, aiming to provide customers with a more intuitive understanding of the use of our products and provide more efficient business solution.

In this exhibition, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. not only displayed its own technology and products, but also conducted intimate exchanges with customers, gained a deep understanding of customer needs, and laid a solid foundation for follow-up cooperation. At the same time, we also paid attention to the latest technology and cross-border e-commerce information of other exhibitors in the exhibition, which provided valuable reference for the company's development and future strategic planning.

The exhibition aims to promote exchanges and cooperation in the industry, expand the market and popularity, and provide strong support for the leapfrog development of enterprises. We believe that driven by this exhibition, China's cross-border e-commerce industry will usher in a broader market and a more diversified development direction.

Thanks to the opportunity of this exhibition, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen technology research and development and customer service, and is committed to becoming a leading cross-border e-commerce company, providing customers with more professional and efficient services.


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