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As a leading activated alumina manufacturer, with 22 years of industry experience and serving 10000+ of customers, xintao offer a full range of activated alumina types with abundant inventory, such as activated alumina adsorbent, activated alumina desiccant, activated alumina for fluoride&arsenic removal, activated alumina Hydrogen Peroxide purification, activated alumina catalyst carrier. Xintao brand has become synonymous with high-quality molecular sieves in China.

Xintao activated alumina have been widely used in various fields, such as petrochemicals, natural gas, air separation, and water treatment. Our products have been highly recognized by various industries, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Our company's strong technical team and advanced production equipment ensure the quality and performance of our activated alumina. We offer a variety of standard products, as well as customization services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Activated Alumina, there are many micro-paths, so the specific surface is very large.

Xintao Activated Alumina, the defluorinate effect is good. The capacity is stable. It has high strength, low abrasion, no soften in water, no expansion, no powdery no crack. It can widely used in the deep drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, air separation, instrument air drying and fluorine treatment for H2O2, also in the absorbing pollution material, such as H2S, SO2, HF and paraffin in the waste gas, especially in the drinking water defluorinate.

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