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Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal export to Europe

Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal export to Europe


On Sep 26th, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co.,Ltd received an order from our European customer for 6.4 ton Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal.

Our customer use our activated alumina for holding Cl ( H2) + Cl + ethylene glycol+ acetaldehyde). After we know customer’s requirements, we send our technical data sheet and customer reference in our customer’s country for her checking. Finally after discussion, this new customer choose us as the right supplier.

Activated Alumina for Chloride removal, must remove the chlorine during the production process. Because in petrochemical production process, the raw material of chlorine in gas can cause a variety of catalyst and adsorbent poisoning, make absorbent and catalytic performance failure, the existence of chlorine will severely corrosive devices and equipment, also affect the normal operation of the production. 

Xintao Activated Alumina for Chloride removal, is equal to BASF CL-750 and CL-760. It is efficiency to take off the chlorine agent. It has wide temperature range, high low temperature uniform activity, and good resistance to water. 

Typical Application: 

a) Be used to take off the hydrogen and protection syngas catalysts and sorbents. 

b) Be widely used for naphtha, natural gas, H2, N2, NH3, CO and CO2 gas from raw materials such 


c) Can continue to work at any temperature environment, adsorption HCL, and continuous adsorption.

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