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Activated Molecular Sieve Powder for Sealants

Activated Molecular Sieve Powder for Sealants


With the rapid development of the electronics industry, potting glue has become an important part of electronic products. In the adhesive production process, the quality and stability of the potting glue directly affects the service life of electronic products. The performance of the potting glue will be affected by moisture, including the moisture of the potting glue itself and its ability to isolate moisture after sealing.

The traditional dehydration process of potting glue takes a long time, has low efficiency and high cost. How to reduce the time of the dehydration process and improve efficiency has become a key issue that the electronics industry needs to solve.


Xintao has launched a special activated molecular sieve powder product for electronic potting glue customers. That is, adding a specific proportion of molecular sieve into the glue production can achieve a good dehydration effect. And after application research by professional institutions and customers, it provides a feasible solution for customers in the adhesive industry.


Xintao has 21 years of industry experience in molecular sieve production. Based on its understanding of the characteristics of molecular sieves and research on the hydrological properties of glue, it selected powdered molecular sieves for customer dehydration applications. Add a specific type of powdered molecular sieve to the potting glue in a certain proportion, and conduct relevant experiments. The results show that the potting glue added with activated molecular sieve powder can quickly dehydrate without affecting the chemical and physical properties of the glue.


At the same time, after many improvements and tests with customers, we finally determined the optimal molecular sieve addition ratio, which greatly improved the dehydration effect of the potting glue and greatly shortened the production cycle. Customers have responded very well to our products. They believe that the quality of the potting glue after adding molecular sieve powder is more stable than the traditional potting glue, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Some customers have reported that it took them more than ten hours to produce a batch of products, but now it only takes a few hours to ship them.


In the future, we will still adhere to a professional and innovative attitude to provide customers with more and better products, services and solutions.

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