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XINTAO 14 Tons Activated Alumina Exporting to South Asia

XINTAO 14 Tons Activated Alumina Exporting to South Asia


Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of molecular sieve,activated alumina, ceramic balls and other adsorbents since 2002 years.Our products have been exported to over 130 countries and regions.  

Customer Factory
Today we are pleased to share you one of our experience in exporting activated alumina for hydrogen peroxide to South Asia. In last August we received an inquiry from one customer who are leading producer of Hydrogen Peroxide products in South Asia. We are honored to provide 1kg samples for their testing with COA. Finally our samples meet customer’s satisfaction against competitors BASF and M Chemicals. An 14000kg order is awarded to Xintao.

Following let’s learn more details about our product activated alumina for hydrogen peroxide production.

As we all know, hydrogen peroxide is a kind of widely used oxidant, it is widely used in many fields, including food, medicine, industry and medical fields because of its strong oxidation property.

Activated alumina can be used to produce high purity hydrogen peroxide used as catalyst. First, the hydroxides are mixed together to form a highly concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide. This solution is then added to activated alumina, where the process of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide is accelerated by the action of a catalyst.
The catalysis of activated alumina is facilitated by surface reaction. When hydrogen peroxide enters the surface of activated alumina, it reacts with water molecules on the surface. This reaction produces oxygen and water molecules, while releasing a lot of energy. This reaction is typical of catalysis.
Another very important role that activated alumina played in the production process is to help improving the stability of hydrogen peroxide. Because hydrogen peroxide is easily decomposed, it is necessary to add appropriate stabilizer to maintain its stability. In this case, activated alumina can protect the hydrogen peroxide from decomposition by providing a stable catalyst. This stabilizer can be present throughout the hydrogen peroxide production process and help maintain the long-term stability of the hydrogen peroxide.
To sum up, activated alumina is a very important chemical substance that can be used to prepare high purity hydrogen peroxide. Activated alumina acts as a catalyst in the preparation process and helps improve the stability of the hydrogen peroxide. As hydrogen peroxide is widely used in many fields, the production and application of activated alumina will be more and more important.

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