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XINTAO 13X Molecular Sieve Air Separation Unit Filling Cases

XINTAO 13X Molecular Sieve Air Separation Unit Filling Cases


With the development of industry, the separation and purification of air has gradually become a hot field. In this field, 13X molecular sieve has become a very important product. 13X molecular sieve has the advantages of high thermal stability, high gas selectivity and high adsorption capacity, and can be used for advanced treatment and separation of air and industrial waste gas. The following will introduce the successful cases of air separation units using Xintao 13X molecular sieve.

The application scenario of this air separation unit is the nitrogen purification and separation process of petrochemical enterprises. Nitrogen plays an important role in the petrochemical industry, such as being used for cracking furnace protection gas, flame retardant, cooling, etc. After investigation and analysis, the device manufacturer decided to use 13X molecular sieve to purify the purified air.

In the air separation unit, the air will first be sent into the 13X molecular sieve packing layer. Because 13X molecular sieve has a strong adsorption capacity, most of the water and carbon dioxide are adsorbed, and the quality of the nitrogen gas discharged has been greatly improved, which can reach extremely high purity. The experimental results show that in the air separation unit filled with 13X molecular sieve, the purity of nitrogen can reach more than 99.99%, which also greatly reduces the energy consumption and expenses of the unit, reduces the production pressure of petrochemical enterprises, and creates a higher the value of.

13X molecular sieve not only has a very good performance in the air separation unit, but also is widely used in other occasions. For example, 13X molecular sieves have also been widely used in the preparation of backup gas sources, gas separation in chemical production, and the treatment of some special gases.

The application field of Xintao 13X molecular sieve is constantly expanding and improving, and the air separation unit introduced here is just the tip of the iceberg. Xintao believes that 13X molecular sieve will bring better development to the separation and purification of air and industrial waste gas.

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