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The Air Compressor Industry Exhibition, May 15th-18th 2023

The Air Compressor Industry Exhibition, May 15th-18th 2023


First of all, congratulations on the successful holding of this South China Air Compressor Exhibition. This exhibition brings together air compressor companies from all over the country, especially in South China. As a supplier of air separation adsorbents in air compressors, Xintao Technology has the honor to visit This wonderful 2023 Air Compressor Show.

At this exhibition, Xintao promoted several core series to customers, molecular sieve series, activated alumina series, ceramic ball series and other comprehensive products, which brought a comprehensive display to exhibitors and were well received by customers in the air compressor industry in various regions. Advice and attention. During the exhibition, Xintao Technology also felt the innovative power of continuous progress in the industry. In such an atmosphere, Xintao, as a well-known molecular sieve brand for 21 years, will continue to innovate and climb the peak. Finally, I would like to thank the Foshan Tanzhou organizers for their great efforts for this exhibition, which made this exhibition a success. I wish the South China Air Compressor Exhibition better and better!

Learn about air compressors versus molecular sieve adsorbents.

In recent years, the air compressor industry has developed rapidly, and its application has become more and more extensive. As an important power equipment in the machinery industry, air compressors have been widely used in production, medical, mining, construction and other industries. In the production process of air compressors, molecular sieves also play an important role as an adsorbent. This article will mainly introduce the application of molecular sieves in air compressors, and especially introduce the self-operated molecular sieve adsorbent products of Xintao Technology.

1. Application of molecular sieve in air compressor

1. Moisture separation

The air contains a certain amount of moisture. If it is directly compressed, it will cause steam to be generated, which will affect the normal operation of the air compressor. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a molecular sieve adsorbent at the inlet of the air compressor to separate the moisture in it. Molecular sieve adsorbent can quickly ab

sorb the moisture in the gas through its special pore structure, thus improving the dryness of compressed air.

2. Oil separation

During the working process of the air compressor, the oil will enter the compressor along with the compressed air. If the oil cannot be effectively treated, it will lead to the pollution of the pipes, valves and other equipment in the air system, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, installing molecular sieve adsorbent in the air compressor can effectively separate the oil in it and ensure the purity of the compressed air.

3. Gas drying

In some special application environments, it is required that the compressed air cannot contain any moisture and impurity gas molecules. At this time, it is necessary to install a molecular sieve adsorbent at the outlet of the air compressor to re-adsorb the compressed air. Molecular sieve adsorbent adopts its special pore structure, which can efficiently adsorb moisture, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases in the air, so as to ensure the purity and dryness of the air.

2. Xintao Technology self-operated molecular sieve adsorbent products

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of molecular sieves for 20 years, Xintao Technology's molecular sieve adsorbent products are widely used in air compressors, liquefied gas, hydrogen and other fields. Xintao molecular sieve adsorbent adopts high-quality raw materials and high-end production technology, and is produced by new automatic equipment. It has the characteristics of high strength, high pressure resistance, high durability, etc., and can run stably for a long time.

In short, molecular sieve adsorbents are more and more widely used in air compressors, and it is an important part to ensure the smooth operation of air compressors. Xintao Technology's self-operated molecular sieve adsorbent is a leader in the market, with advanced levels and advantages in product quality and service.


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