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Xintao Canton Fair in 2023 Has Concluded Successfully, See You in 2024

Xintao Canton Fair in 2023 Has Concluded Successfully, See You in 2024


In October, the Xintao Canton Fair came as scheduled and received the attention and support of our customers as always. During the five-day exhibition, the Xintao booth continued to have an influx of domestic and foreign customers who came to visit and negotiate, demonstrating the strength and charm of the Xintao brand. The Canton Fair ended successfully, attracting the attention of nearly a thousand customers, and also received new and old customers from the past.

As the leading brand of molecular sieve adsorbent fillers in China, Xintao has always been committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. This Canton Fair is an important opportunity to display brand image and expand market influence. Xintao business staff actively responded to customer questions at the booth and provided professional answers and detailed introductions to every customer who came for consultation. We received nearly a thousand Customer contact information.

At the booth, Xintao not only exhibited Xintao's key molecular sieve products, but also specially developed powder molecular sieve products. Xintao integrated the concepts of environmental protection and high efficiency into the design and production of products, providing polyurethane adhesives. Industrial customers solve the problems of moisture, air bubbles and odor during the production process. Xintao's high-quality products and services have been recognized and loved by more customers at the Canton Fair, and have also been highly praised by professionals in the industry.

Through this Canton Fair, Xintao has a deeper understanding of the needs and aspirations of its customers, continues to improve and innovate its brand image and market strategies, and strives to provide customers with more considerate and high-quality services. Here, Xintao expresses its most sincere gratitude to every customer who came to visit and consult the booth, and wishes everyone a better and happier life.

More and more customers choose Xintao because Xintao is trustworthy. Next year's Canton Fair in 2024, Xintao's brand display will be more exciting. We look forward to meeting more customers at the next Canton Fair.

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