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Xintao 92% Alumina Grinding Ball for Indonesia Powder Industry

Xintao 92% Alumina Grinding Ball for Indonesia Powder Industry


In April 2022, xintao received an new inquiry from our Indonesia partner for 16 tons 92% alumina balls with diameter 50mm,the application is for a Japanese powder grinding plant.

We sent sample according to customer requirements in early May. All specification is ok, only hat edge they need to take out. Thanks to our sales team and engineer’s cooperate and hard work, we produced the alumina ball applied for dry grinding and shaved off the hat edge by improving our technique according to customer’s need.

In June, we sent 3 pcs new samples and passed customer’s test. Finally we won the 16 tons order.


Currently large-scale industrial production of ceramic grinding media mainly form/shape techniques include rolling for ball D2mm~30mm and isostatic pressing for D25~D80mm (cold isostatic pressing and dry isostatic pressing).


Dry grinding is widely used in mining, ceramics, powder and other industries. In view of the situation of raw materials polluted by grinding media abrasion, we have developed special dry grinding ball with high strength and low abrasion to solve this problem.


Here we briefly introduced the forming methods. Customers can choose suitable ceramic grinding balls according to their specific requirements. Below are some photos of our production and goods delivery for your reference.

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