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99% High Alumina Balls As Support Media for Petrochemical Industry

99% High Alumina Balls As Support Media for Petrochemical Industry


As a common support material for tower packing, ceramic balls are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, electronics and other industries. In these fields, ceramic balls are required to have the characteristics of high purity, high wear resistance and stability to ensure the efficiency and quality in the production process.

Catalyst support media: In the process of petroleum refining, catalysts are used to accelerate the reaction rate and improve the reaction selectivity. High-alumina filler ceramic balls can be used as the supporting medium of the catalyst, placed on the upper layer of the catalyst layer of the reaction tower for compaction, and the lower layer supports it, and at the same time plays a role in filtering, separating liquid and solid impurities, increasing separation efficiency and volume, reducing energy consumption, and improving catalyst performance. efficiency and lifespan.

A European enterprise client cooperating with Xintao needs to use ceramic balls as a support media for packed tower. Due to the extremely high requirements of the oil company for the project, they pay great attention to the material and quality of the ceramic balls. After in-depth communication with Xintao on the technical feasibility and application requirements of ceramic balls, the customer finally chose Xintao's 99% pure ceramic balls.

The production of Xintao 99% pure alumina balls adopts advanced technology, which has outstanding performance in terms of wear resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The ultra-high stability makes the high aluminum balls not react due to temperature fluctuations.

After receiving the goods and using them, the customer gave feedback that Xintao 99 high alumina balls have very good compression resistance. There is no obvious change in the color and surface of the ceramic balls during use and regeneration, and the purity is high, and the compression resistance is high. Oil refining works well.

Xintao’s 99% Alumina ball cases show that the material and manufacturing process of ceramic balls are very important to product quality and production efficiency, and choosing a ceramic ball supplier with stable and reliable quality is also one of the keys for customers to ensure product safety and improve production efficiency First, choose Xintao's source manufacturers, manufacturers, and factories for more than 20 years to supply ceramic ball fillers that are far superior to market quality.

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