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Xintao 1*20GP Silica Gel Ship to Europe

Xintao 1*20GP Silica Gel Ship to Europe


In April 2023, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. exported 1*20GP silica gel to Europe.

This is from a new cooperative customer in 2022, they need silica gel to make their air drying absorber, when the customer puts forward the quotation request for the first time, we quote the customer's FOB and CIF prices. After several days of negotiations on price, trade terms and packaging, the customer finally decided to cooperate with us and fully trusts Xintao's silicone quality. Xintao is also very grateful to the customer for their trust in our customers.

In the whole year of 2022, customers put forward multiple quotation requests for different types of silica gel to Xintao. And customers said that if they are satisfied with all kinds of silica gel, there will be more cooperation opportunities for orders in the future.

In February 2023, we received a 20GP silica gel order from this customer. Xintao's consistent quality and professional customer service have created a long-term cooperation opportunity between us and the customer.

Product Description:

White silica gel, white transparent or translucent spherical particles, is a kind of silica gel desiccant. It can absorb moisture.

Xintao white silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-polluting, harmless to human health. High mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, no softening when soaked in water.

Mainly used for drying and waterproofing, it can also be used as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separator and pressure swing adsorbent, etc.


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