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Xintao Degassing Tower 80m³ Strong Bio-Film Packing Filling Guidence

Xintao Degassing Tower 80m³ Strong Bio-Film Packing Filling Guidence


Xintao went to Xiamen to provide guidance on the installation of bio film packing for cooperative companies.

The customer ordered 80 cubic meters of bio-film packing (PVC material) and bio-balls for the degassing tower from Xintao.

Xintao's bio-film packing is a new type of biofilter purification material with free patents. The bio-film structure includes tank body/filler/water distribution device and aeration device.

The working principle is: put packing in the aeration tank, the wastewater to be treated flows through the packing at a certain flow rate after oxygenation, contacts with the biofilm, and reacts with microorganisms to achieve microbial filtration and purify water quality.

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