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Proprietary Catalyst for Oil Refining

Proprietary Catalyst for Oil Refining


Proprietary catalyst for oil refining

The nonhydrodewaxing catalyst produced by our company adopts the high silicon zeolite with certain pore structure. Under the condition of nonhydrodewaxing, long chain normal paraffin hydrocarbon (NPH) and single branched chain paraffin hydrocarbon can be cracked selectively while cycloalkane, multi-branched  chain paraffin and aromatic hydrocarbon keeping stable so that the condensation point of distillate oil can be decreased, which can convert the high condensation point heavy diesel oil with wax to light diesel oil with low condensation point.

Under the condition of nonhydrodewaxing, the catalyst produced by our company can significantly reduce the refined oil freezing point and cold filter plugging point and can well remove the impurities and glial, so that the refined oil is clear and transparent. In the refining process, the pipeline will not be blocked and the life of the devices can be extended. Meanwhile, it can be reproduced.

The catalyst produced by our company has high strength and high activity. The catalyst can catalyze the conversion of the distillate oil, wax oil, used oil, coal tar and illegal cooking oil. The octane number of the produced diesel oil is better and its reduction depth of diesel freezing point is more than 40℃. The catalyst is suitable for the small and medium refinery unit. We can customize our product formula based on your feedstock property and production condition.

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