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How Does Wire Mesh Demister Work?

How Does Wire Mesh Demister Work?


Wire mesh demister, also known as wire mesh demister, wire mesh foam catcher, is an efficient gas-liquid separation device, widely used in chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessel, sulfuric acid, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, construction, Aviation, shipping, environmental protection and other industries.

How Does Wire Mesh Demister Work?

The wire mesh demister is mainly composed of wire mesh and wire mesh grille support device. Consists of metallic or non-metallic wires. The wire mesh demister can not only filter the air suspended in the large liquid foam, but also filter the tiny liquid foam.The wire mesh is composed of metal wire or non-metallic wire to filter gas and liquid.

The metal wire mesh of the gas-liquid filter is made of twisted multiple strands of non-metallic fibers, or it can be a single strand of non-metallic wires, such as engineering plastics such as PP polypropylene and PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene.

Wire mesh demister is more and more widely used,but how does it work,what’s the principle?

When the gas with mist rises through the wire mesh at a certain speed, due to the inertia of the rising mist, the mist collides with the filaments of the wire mesh and is attached to the surface of the filaments. The diffusion of the mist on the surface of the filament and the gravitational sedimentation of the mist make the mist form larger droplets and flow along the filament to the junction of the two filaments. The wettability of the filament, the surface tension of the liquid and the capillary action of the filament make the droplet larger and larger until the aggregated droplet is so large that its own gravity exceeds the resultant force of the upward force of the gas and the surface tension of the liquid , the droplet falls off the filament. After the gas passes through the wire mesh demister, there is basically no mist.

The use of wire mesh demister can improve operating conditions, optimize process indicators, reduce equipment corrosion, extend equipment service life, increase processing capacity and recover valuable materials, protect the environment, reduce air pollution, etc.

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