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Xintao High Temperature Subsidy Issuance: Heat Control Medicine

Xintao High Temperature Subsidy Issuance: Heat Control Medicine


Xintao High Temperature Subsidy Issuance: Heat Control Medicine

Stream fire in July Summer Sun, With the arrival of high temperature and hot weather, in order to do a good job in employee heat prevention and cooling work, to ensure safe production in summer; In line with the guiding ideology of "caring for employees and putting people first", Xintao organized the summer "anti-high temperature, send cool" condolence activity on July 16, 2022, sending heat prevention and cooling condolences to the staff of the production department who adhere to the front line, and sending heat prevention and cooling packages to all employees of the enterprise.

High Temperature Subsidy Distribution:

Mr. Liu Jianbin, Chairman of Xintao, attaches great importance to the problem of summer safety production and puts forward the following requirements for production:

1. Strengthen the on-site heat prevention inspection work;

2. Ensure heat prevention and cooling work, and do a good job in the safe and effective operation of equipment and facilities;

3. Eliminate heat stroke and eliminate production accidents for front-line personnel;

4. Ensure the life safety and production order of employees at the production site. All processes are required to actively promote the common sense of summer heat prevention and cooling at the daily morning meeting, improve the awareness of employees, and ensure the safety of summer.


July, August and September are the hottest days of the year. Xintao Technology will organize the distribution of heat-proof cooling items every year, barrels of boiled herbal tea, bowls of cold powder, bags of cooling packages are not only heat-proof items, but also a company's care for employees. This high temperature condolence, just like the cool breeze in the hot sun, moisturizes the hearts of Xintao people, and further stimulates everyone's enthusiasm for work. A cool, a caring.Finally, Xintao pays tribute to those who stick to their posts in the hot summer! Thank you for sticking to your post and hard work!

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