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How Activated Alumina Absorbing and Drying Air?

How Activated Alumina Absorbing and Drying Air?


Activated alumina used for absorbing and drying in air compressor air, size are mainly 3-5mm / 5-7mm / 4-6mm / 6-8mm. The activated alumina is more commonly used by its adsorption performance and high strength, if the particles are small or no matter how large the strength is, the intensity is not ideal. As for which model is it more suitable for the activated alumina use? First of all, it depends on the size of the filter in the electromechanical equipment such as the air compressor, so as to measure the standard and then select the required model according to actual needs!

What is the working principle of activated alumina in electromechanical equipment such as air compressors? Let us manufacturer of activated alumina Jinagxi Xintao Technology Co.,Ltd show you: The process of its work is roughly the gas arranged from the pipeline in the air compressor, separates the oil and water, and then the cold drying. The water and moisture in the equipment are adsorbed and dry. This is its general operating process. In addition, it should be noted that if you want to see the adsorption and drying effect of a batch of desiccant, it takes at least 50 kg goods to observe the treatment effect through a process. In the process of the old desiccant used before, the static adsorption capacity of the old adsorption desiccant ball is already in a saturated state. The interior of the pipeline and machinery may have stagnant water and a lot of humidity.


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