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Carbon Molecular Sieve for Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

Carbon Molecular Sieve for Nitrogen Tyre Inflator


The pressure swing adsorption method uses a high-efficiency and high-selectivity solid adsorbent to preferentially adsorb oxygen or nitrogen to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air. Currently, carbon molecular sieve adsorbents are commonly used. The principle of carbon molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production is that the adsorption speed of oxygen and nitrogen on carbon molecular sieve is quite different, the tire nitrogen filling machine is a large number of oxygen molecules adsorbed in a short time, and nitrogen molecules are adsorbed very little, so that nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase , oxygen stays in the carbon molecular sieve. The entire adsorption process is carried out under pressure. When the adsorption pressure drops to normal pressure, the adsorbed oxygen is desorbed from the micropores of the carbon molecular sieve, and the carbon molecular sieve is regenerated at the same time. 

The conventional carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator is equipped with two parallel columns of carbon molecular sieve, which alternately carry out the adsorption cycle of pressurized adsorption oxygen generation and decompression desorption regeneration to realize the separation of nitrogen and oxygen. The product concentration is 95%~99%.


Origin of tire nitrogen filling machine: Nitrogen tire filling has a history of 20 years, and its application range is wide, such as: tires for aircraft, shuttles, F1 plugs, super-large transport vehicles, exploration and mining machines, etc., due to the need to withstand High pressure has long been used to fill tires with nitrogen.

After filling the tire with nitrogen, the aging of the carcass rubber is delayed, the service life of the tire is increased, the oxidative corrosion of the tire is reduced during the deceleration, the shock absorption elasticity of the tire is improved, and the ground performance of the tire when changing, driving or braking is strengthened. Conductivity, noise reduction, vibration reduction, and stable tire pressure can reduce fuel costs. When heated, the expansion coefficient of nitrogen is 50% lower than that of air, and the permeability is 90% lower than that of air.

Xintao's carbon molecular sieve is widely used in nitrogen generator , with high hardness, less ash, uniform particles, and high cost performance. The models selected by customers are usually CMS-240, CMS-260. The nitrogen concentration is 99.5-99.99% and above, which has won a series of praises from customers.

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