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Carbon Molecular Sieve Nitrogen Generation Conditions

Carbon Molecular Sieve Nitrogen Generation Conditions


1.  Air compression and purification process

Pure raw material air into the carbon molecular sieve adsorption tower, is very necessary, because the particles and organic atmosphere in the adsorption tower will block the micro-pores of the carbon molecular sieve, and gradually make the separation performance of the carbon molecular sieve reduced.

The methods of purifying raw material air are: 1 make the air inlet of the compressor away from the place with dust, oil mist, organic atmosphere; 2 through the cold dryer, adsorbent purification system, etc. Finally, the treated raw material air enters the carbon molecular sieve adsorption tower.

2.  Concentration of product nitrogen and gas production

Carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production, its N2 concentration, and gas production can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of users. When the gas production time and operating pressure are determined, adjusting the gas production volume lower will increase the N2 concentration, and vice versa, the N2 concentration will decrease. Users can adjust it according to their actual needs.

3.  Equalizing time

In the process of carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production, when the adsorption of an adsorption tower is over, the adsorption tower of the pressurized gas from the upper and lower directions into another regenerated adsorption tower, and make the two towers of gas pressure are the same, this process is called the adsorption tower of equal pressure, choose the appropriate equal pressure time, can recover energy, can also slow down the adsorption tower of the molecular sieve impact, to extend the life of the carbon molecular sieve. The switching speed of the reference fouling gate is generally chosen. Referring to the switching speed of the felling door, the average pressure time is generally chosen to be 1~3 seconds.

4.  Gas production time

According to the carbon molecular sieve of oxygen and nitrogen absorption diffusion rate is different, and the adsorption of O2 in a short time to reach equilibrium, at this time, the adsorption of N2 is very little, and a shorter gas production time, can effectively improve the carbon molecular sieve gas production rate, but also increased the frequency of the action of the gate, so the performance of the gate is also important. The general choice of adsorption time is 30 to 120 seconds. A small high purity nitrogen generator is recommended to use short gas production time, and a large low concentration is recommended to use long gas production time.

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