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Activated Alumina Filling Guidance

Activated Alumina Filling Guidance


1、Preparatory work:

(1) Put two layers of stainless steel wire mesh with perforations smaller than 5mm on the grate inside the activated alumina tower, and then place another layer of 100mmΦ20mm ceramic balls on the steel mesh.

(2) Use special tools to uniformly load the activated alumina into the tower, and the free fall height of the activated alumina cannot exceed 1 meter during loading.

(3) The activated alumina should be filled uniformly, and the operator must step on the wooden board to enter the tower to work.

(4) A layer of stainless steel wire mesh and 100mm high Φ20mm ceramic balls should be laid on the top of the activated alumina on the tower to prevent the airflow from blowing the activated alumina and make the airflow evenly distributed.


(1) Before the official start-up, the system needs to be purged and replaced with nitrogen or other inert gas. After the oxygen content in the gas is less than 0.5%, the raw material gas is passed.

(2) After the activated alumina is added to the system, the feed gas is gradually increased. After the pressure is normal, the system is under half-load production for 2 to 5 hours to adjust the process conditions. After stabilization, increase the load to normal production.


(1) Temporarily stop, close the inlet valve of the activated alumina tower and maintain the pressure. If there is a leak in the system, N 2 should be used to maintain pressure to prevent negative pressure in the system.

(2) Replace the activated alumina stop: Close the inlet and outlet valve of the activated alumina tower, reduce it to normal pressure, and then replace the raw material gas in the tower with air when the activated alumina tower is isolated from the production system. After the oxygen content reached 20%, the activated alumina tower was opened and the activated alumina was discharged.

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