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Molecular Sieve VS Zeolite

Molecular Sieve VS Zeolite


We hear zeolite molecular sieve a lot, then what is the difference between zeolite and molecular sieve 

Zeolite is an ore also called natural zeolite, there are many types of oblique zeolite, mercerized zeolite and so on. Zeolite is a definition based on the physical and chemical properties of a substance, and molecular sieve is a synthetic adsorbent zeolite adsorbent, the name of the molecular sieve is based on the definition of the structure and function of the material. Strictly speaking, zeolite cannot be equated with molecular sieves, although many times it is often confused.

1. The chemical composition is different. The main chemical composition of natural zeolite is sodium aluminosilicate, while molecular sieves are crystalline silicates or aluminosilicates, which are formed by connecting silicon-oxygen tetrahedra or alumino-oxygen tetrahedra through oxygen bridges.

2. With different characteristics, zeolite has a glass-like luster and can re-absorb water or other liquids. Molecular sieves have the advantages of high adsorption capacity and strong thermal stability that other adsorbents do not have.

3. The molecular sieve is a powdery crystal with metallic luster, the hardness is 3 to 5, and the relative density is 2 to 2.8. Natural zeolite has color, synthetic zeolite is white, insoluble in water, thermal stability and acid resistance increase with the increase of SiO2/Al2O3 composition ratio.

In fact, the main difference between zeolite and molecular sieve is in their use. Zeolite is generally natural with various pore sizes. Only if there is cavitation, it can stop bumping. However, functions of molecular sieves are much more advanced, such as screening molecules, as catalysts, slow-release catalysts, etc.. which means molecular sieves have certain requirements for pore size, and they are often artificially synthesized.

XINTAO Molecular Sieves Classified by Application

Industrial desiccant: mainly used for the use of equipment desiccant packages, deep drying of air compressor dryers, commonly used types of 3A/4A molecular sieves, commonly used specifications of 3-5mm, the main type of insulating glass process is 13X molecular sieves.

Air separation equipment: air separation equipment, that is, air separation equipment, mainly separates rare gases in the air, such as helium, nitrogen, argon, etc., the commonly used type is 5A/13X molecular sieve.

Oxygen molecular sieve: is a new type of X-type molecular sieve, a special molecular sieve for oxygen production. The principle of oxygen production is: adsorb the air through the compressor pressure change, extract the air into the 13X-HP/Lix molecular sieve, the molecular sieve adsorbs nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases in the air, leaving only oxygen to enter the gas collection cylinder, high-pressure purification through the high-pressure valve, and the oxygen concentrator concentration is raised to the standard after the output oxygen.

Xintao Molecular Sieve Type: 3A/4A/5A/13X/13X-APG/13X-HP/Li-X/IGMS/CMS/AMSP

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