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【2024 Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition Review】Next Exhibition, Shanghai!

【2024 Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition Review】Next Exhibition, Shanghai!


Xintao's participation in the 2024 ASE Greater Bay Area International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition has been successfully concluded. During the exhibition, Xintao Company displayed its own activated molecular sieve powder dehydrating agent products for polyurethane adhesive, which attracted the attention of many customers visiting the exhibition. Through the organic combination of a series of marketing activities such as on-site molecular sieve actviated powder sample display, booth poster display, and technical exchanges, Xintao Company achieved a certain brand promotion effect at this exhibition and expanded the influence of Xintao molecular sieve powder.


The layout of Xintao's booth showcased Xintao's corporate strength and its full range of powder molecular sieve products, including 3a activated molecular sieve powder, 4a activated molecular sieve powder, 5a activated molecular sieve powder, 13x activated molecular sieve powder, and modified molecular sieve powder. The adsorption principle and application cases of powder molecular sieves were introduced in depth to the visitors. This reflects Xintao's emphasis on the exhibition and its all-round service to customers. Posters for the application display of powder molecular sieves were added to the booth, allowing the audience to intuitively understand the efficacy, advantages, and applications of molecular sieve activation powder. The atmosphere of the negotiation with customers was very harmonious.


As a 22-year professional manufacturer of molecular sieves, Xintao has rich experience in technical research and development and has participated in many related exhibitions and technical exchange meetings such as polyurethane glue. Through in-depth market and technical learning in the adhesive industry, and in exchanges with industry experts and customers, Xintao has continued to deepen its technology research and development, further enhance the company's popularity and reputation in the industry, and continuously improve its self-produced powder molecular sieves. Through exhibition publicity, more adhesive industry customers have learned about the excellent dewatering and defoaming performance of the company's powder molecular sieves.


The molecular sieve dewatering agent exhibited by Xintao Company has been unanimously recognized by the customers who visited the exhibition, especially its application effect in polyurethane adhesive, which has been generally praised by customers. Through actual sample display and customer case sharing, visitors have a deeper understanding of the adsorption performance and use effect of molecular sieves.


The exhibition ended successfully, but Xintao's future development road is still long and full of challenges. In the future, Xintao will continue to improve its production technology capabilities, fit the market, and provide customers with better products and services!

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