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【Russian Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibition Review】Come Up Roses, Return In Glory

【Russian Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibition Review】Come Up Roses, Return In Glory


On March 28, Xintao Technology’s Polyurethanex Exhibition in Moscow, Russia came to a successful conclusion! The three-day exhibition attracted many overseas customers, and also established in-depth links with local customers of Xintao molecular sieves, activated alumina, porcelain balls, tower packing and other products in the Russian market. At this exhibition, Xintao displayed a variety of products such as the activated molecular sieve powder series that is professionally used in polyurethane adhesives, and won unanimous praise from customers in the Russian market!

Exhibition Review

At the exhibition site, many guests stopped to watch product application brochures and poster introductions, or discussed and exchanged functional applications of various powder molecular sieves with Xintao staff. Among them, the activated 3A powder of Xintao Activated Molecular Sieve Powder has won unanimous praise from the exhibitors present for its powerful performance of efficient water absorption and stable quality! Visiting experts and customers carefully compared the water absorption, adsorption capacity, packaging water content, sieve residue and other specifications of different molecular sieve activated powders, and were all impressed by the superior adsorption performance of Xintao molecular sieves.

On the 28th, the last day of the Moscow Polyurethanex Exhibition, Xintao's booth was still crowded, attracting the attention of industry experts, merchants and other professional visitors from Russia and even Europe.

In the future, Xintao will continue to move towards realizing the vision of "There is chemical industry, there is Xintao chemical packing", and support the high-quality development of Xintao Technology through its strong production capacity, technical capabilities, customer solutions, sales and service capabilities, etc. 

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