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Why Use XINTAO Oxygen Molecular Sieve in Oxygen Concentrator?

Why Use XINTAO Oxygen Molecular Sieve in Oxygen Concentrator?


What Molecular Sieves Can Be Used in Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen concentrator are used to assist patients with respiratory illnesses or lung disease, who have diffculties in absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream.

An oxygen concentrator receives air, purifes it and then distributes the newly formed air. Typically, air is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. An oxygen concentrator increases the oxygen content to over 90%. Sieve bed filters contain molecular sieve, which removes the nitrogen from the air.

Oxygen concentrator can be used in hospitals, home and some devices are portable.

Xintao molecular sieve for oxygen concentrator:

13X HP Molecular Sieve– High efficiency oxygen concentration for PSA oxygen concentrators.

LiX  Molecular Sieve– lithium molecular sieve with high N2 removal capacity and selective adsorption, can be used in all concentrator, it can also be specially used in VPSA oxygen generators.

Why Use XINTAO Oxygen Molecular Sieve in Oxygen Concentrator?

The molecular sieve adsorbs liquid or gas-particle slighter than the width of its aperture while rejecting those more extensive than the aperture. It controls the efficiency and concentration of oxygen production.

Zeolite molecular sieve is a device that removes nitrogen from the air; therefore, the sieve bed filter serves an important role.

There are many options that can be used as molecular sieves in the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, but most manufacturers choose to go with XINTAO 13X HP molecular sieve for specific reasons. These include the following.

XINTAO Oxygen molecular sieves have higher adsorption rates than most other options on the market. High-quality zeolite raw materials and modern production processes make xintao molecular sieves have higher porosity and can absorb a large amount of nitrogen, so that oxygen can be easily collected.

XINTAO Oxygen molecular sieve can separate the different gases efficiently thanks to their large surface areas. When that is combined with the high porosity, you have in your hands a very capable nitrogen-oxygen separator.

XINTAO Oxygen molecular sieves are able to work under extreme conditions of high pressure and high temperature without breaking down or releasing other substances that could contaminate the process. Stable working performance makes Xintao's molecular sieve a very ideal choice.


If you have more questions, or want to get the oxygen molecular sieve, you can always choose ours. We will offer the best at the best price.

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