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Plastic Pall Ring All You Want To Know丨XinTao Technology

Plastic Pall Ring All You Want To Know丨XinTao Technology



Xintao's Plastic Pall ring adopts the industry standard, and it is also the most commonly used type of bulk filler. The design of the pall ring is an improvement on the raschig ring, which has an inward tongue-shaped blade on the cylindrical wall. This tuning provides a significant performance boost, which leads to increased capacity and efficiency. In addition, this tuned design reduces the pressure drop through the column.

Pall rings are used in a wide range of applications. Depending on your mass transfer challenge, we can provide you with professional guidance based on your application.

The plastic pall rings have a high corrosion resistance and are offered in various sizes and different kinds of plastic:


The plastic pall ring is one of random packing media. For over fifty years, random packings are effectively used to improve a tower’s performance. The pall ring is considered world’s most common random packing type.

Plastic pall rings are less sensitive to liquid distribution quality and have higher liquid hold-up and residence time in comparison to high performance packings. Although the plastic pall rings does not have “high performance” characteristics, they have been used extensively and therefore their performance is widely known.

Together with super saddles, the plastic pall rings have become a standard for many designer and processes. 

Plastic pall rings are also used to replace metal pall ring in applications which are in need of the excellent corrosion resistance of the plastic material.

Plastic materials for the production of tower packing have recently been used in many application fields which formerly were restricted to metals, special alloys and ceramic materials. The application fields of the individual plastic materials are determined by chemical resistance, temperature stability and mechanical strength.


· Water treatment

· Drinking water applications

· Adsorption or stripping of CO2, SO2, HCI, and HF

· Absorption of chlorine in the water

· Control of the odor


· Good liquid/gas distribution and high mass transfer efficiency

· High temperature applications

· Mechanically robust, lesser probability of breakage

· High resistance to fouling

· Multiple materials available

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This article is a brief introduction to the properties and uses of Plastic pall rings. If you have more questions, or want to provide your business with the best active alumina, you can always choose ours. We will offer the best at the best price.

For more information about our comprehensive solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.


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