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Customized Pail Molecular Sieve Desiccant Beads for Solvent Drying

Customized Pail Molecular Sieve Desiccant Beads for Solvent Drying


Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co.,Ltd in China is a 21 years experienced manufacturer of molecular sieve since 2002. Our company not only provide a variety of molecular sieves types such as 3A, 4A,5A 13X and 13X APG but also provide various package method for our customers for example steel drum, carton box, cardboard drum and paper bag and jumbo bag. 

In early June we received an interesting RFQ asking for molecular sieves package in reusable containers- 10lb from one of our regular customer whom we have cooperated with for 8 years. They are famous supplier providing extraction, distillation and other over 100 products and services in America. The 10lb/Pail molecular sieves they need are used for solvent dehydration.

After half-month discussion with customer on detailed requirements of the container, custom label and sample approval. We finally start production and deliver goods in middle July. Our service and prompt delivery win customer’s great satisfaction.

Now let’s talk about the molecular sieve that our customer bought for solvent dehydration. Generally speaking customers choose 3A molecular sieve with 3-5mm beads more often for solvent dehydration especially organic solvents. However the customer prefer smaller beads 1.0-1.5mm and use this product for 8 years with favorable feedback.

As we may know organic solvents play a pivotal role in modern industry and can be used in many fields such as chemical industry, medicine, tanning, metallurgy and electronics. Some applications have higher requirements on the purity of organic solvents, so dehydration and purification of organic solvents are required.

Xintao molecular sieve has excellent separation and adsorption properties. are widely used in chemical production in the dehydration process to improve the purity and recovery of solvents.

 XINTAO Pail Molecular Sieve 4A
Wooden Box Packing
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The Principle, Process and Advantages of Xintao Molecular Sieves for Solvent Dehydration.

Molecular sieve is a crystalline material with uniform pore structure and high pore size. The size and shape of the internal pores can be adjusted as needed, so molecules of different sizes and catalysts can be selectively adsorbed and separated. In the dehydration process, the role of molecular sieves is mainly to increase the size of molecules in the solvent through adsorption, thereby improving the purity of the solvent.

The process of dehydration generally includes three steps of adsorption, elution and regeneration. First, the solvent containing impurities is contacted with the molecular sieve by spraying or soaking, and the impurity molecules will be adsorbed by the pores of the molecular sieve. Subsequently, the impurity molecules adsorbed on the molecular sieve are eluted by the eluent, thereby realizing the purification of the solvent. Finally, by regenerating the molecular sieve, the adsorbed impurity molecules are removed from the molecular sieve, so that the molecular sieve can continue to be used.

Xintao molecular sieves have many advantages as adsorbents for dehydration. First, it has high adsorption selectivity, which can selectively adsorb impurity molecules in the solution without affecting the properties of the solvent itself. Secondly, Xintao molecular sieves have good adsorption capacity and adsorption speed, and can remove impurities in solvents in a short period of time. In addition, Xintao molecular sieves also have good physical and chemical stability, and can operate stably under different process conditions.

In practical applications, the selection of suitable molecular sieves is crucial to the effect of dehydration. Different types of solvents and impurity molecules have different sizes and polarities, so it is necessary to select molecular sieves with appropriate pore size and hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity. In addition, the adsorption capacity and adsorption speed of the molecular sieve, as well as the degree of influence on the solvent also need to be considered. By optimizing the selection of molecular sieves and process parameters, an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly dehydration process can be achieved.

Solvent dehydrated molecular sieve, preferred Xintao brand. Welcome your consultation.

3A/4A/5A/13X Molecular Sieve Available to Choose
Solvent dehydrated molecular sieve, preferred Xintao brand. Welcome your consultation.

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