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New automatic production line for molecular sieves with an annual output of 5,000 tons

New automatic production line for molecular sieves with an annual output of 5,000 tons


2020 is the 18th year of Jiangxi Xintao's establishment.


In order to improve the influence and competitiveness of molecular sieve products in the industry, our company has built a new set of zeolite molecular sieve automatic production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons, which has solved the long delivery cycle and instability of product quality for customers.


The new equipment adopts the automatic addition of zeolite molecular sieve raw materials and water to reach a certain size and automatically overflows. It is transported to the rolling machine equipment through a belt conveyor. The rolling machine operation takes 1-2 hours. The zeolite molecular sieve product reaches a smooth surface and regular particles. Automated belt drying equipment makes the zeolite molecular sieve material with low water content and no crack on the surface. Then through an automatic rotary kiln, a firing process from low temperature to high temperature. Drying compressed air is added during the firing process. In this way, the fired zeolite molecular sieve has regular and uniform intracrystalline pore channels. The molecular sieve produced in this way has high adsorption capacity and compressive strength. High, strong selectivity and high temperature resistance.


The adsorption of zeolite molecular sieve is a physical change process. The reason for the adsorption is mainly a "surface force" generated by the molecular gravity acting on the solid surface. When the fluid flows, some molecules in the fluid collide with the surface of the adsorbent due to irregular movement, resulting in molecular concentration on the surface. The number of such molecules in the fluid is reduced to achieve the purpose of separation and removal.


Because there is no chemical change in adsorption, as long as you try to drive away the molecules concentrated on the surface, the zeolite molecular sieve has the adsorption capacity. This process is the reverse process of adsorption, called regeneration.

The pore size of the zeolite molecular sieve is uniform, it can be easily absorbed into the crystal cavity when the molecular dynamics diameter is smaller than the pore size of the zeolite molecular sieve, so the zeolite molecular sieve is like a sieve for gas and liquid molecules, according to the size of the molecule to determine whether it is adsorbed.


Zeolite molecular sieve is widely used as an excellent adsorbent for dehydration of organic chemical and petrochemical, coal gas, natural gas and acetylene gas. The exhaust gas purification treatment is also increasingly being reused. Compared with the use of activated carbon, it will not cause secondary pollution.


In a special year such as 2020, difficulties and hopes are present, and opportunities and challenges coexist. We are together.

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