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3A Molecular Sieve

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3A Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve 3A is type A zeolite, also called zeolite 3A.Molecular Sieves 3A is an alkali metal alumino-silicate.  It is the potassium form of the type A crystal structure. Type 3A has an effective pore opening of about 3 angstroms (0.3 nm). The molecular sieve’s adsorption capacity will depend on the pore size and pore volume of the molecular sieve. This size is large enough to allow in moisture, but excludes molecules such as unsaturated hydrocarbons which can potentially form polymers;

Ethanol Drying

▣ Drying of highly polar compounds, such as methanol and ethanol.

Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Drying

Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons and cracking gas, ethylene, acetylene, propylene and butadiene

Cracked Petroleum Gas Drying

Deep drying of cracked petroleum gases, such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene,acetylene and natural gas, and of polar liquid, such as LPG and solvent

Solvents Drying

Dehydration of benzene, toluene, xylene and other solvents


3A molecular sieve used in general Moisture Removal of the ethanol, natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids, Refrigerant Drying, Desiccant Dryer, Drying of LNG/LPG/CNG.

Xintao Advantages

XINTAO is a strong production factory of molecular sieves. We integrate lSO 9001 and lSO 14001 international quality system standards into our business, and concentrate on continuously improving quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.Product output exceeding 20,000 tons


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The chemical formula of molecular sieve 3A is K12[(AIO2)12(SIO2)]·XH2O with a silicon to aluminum ratio: SiO2/Al2O3≈2. Molecular sieve 3A CAS Number: 308080-99-1.


Molecular Sieve 3A

Nominal pore diameter

3 angstroms





1.6-2.5 (mm)

3.0-5.0 (mm)

1.5-1.8 (mm)

2.8-3.2 (mm)

8*12 (mesh)

4*8 (mesh)

1/16 (inch)

1/8 (inch)

Bulk density (g/ml)





Crushing strength (N/PC)





Static H2O adsorption (%)





Water content (%)





Wear ratio (%)





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