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4A Molecular Sieve

4A Molecular Sieve

Xintao 4A Molecular Sieve, is an alkali alumina silicate. It is the sodium form of the type A crystal structure. It has an effective pore opening of about 4 angstroms(0.4nm). It will adsorb most molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger. Such as water, methanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, and exclude those molecular adsorption diameter larger than 4A (propane, ethanol), the selection of water adsorption performance is higher than any other molecules.

Gas Drying

Drying of natural gas, LPG, air, inert and atmospheric gases, etc.

Gas Separation

Removal of hydrocarbons, ammonia and methanol from gas streams

Air Dryer

Deliver consistently low-moisture air for industrial air dryer

Static Drying

Static drying of electronic components and pharmaceutical packaging

Refrigerant Drying

Specially for desiccation of air-actuated braking systems in cars, trucks, train and ship

Solvent Drying

Solvent Dehydration in Lithium Battery Industry

Desiccant Packet

Packed in small bags, it may be used simply as a packaging desiccant


Dehydrating agent in paints, fuels and coatings



Molecular Sieve 4A

Nominal pore diameter

4 angstroms




Diameter (mm)

     (8*12 mesh)

     (4*8 mesh)

     (1/16 inch)

     (1/8 inch)

Bulk density (g/ml)





Crushing strength (N/PC)





Static H2O adsorption  





Static methanol adsorption





Water content (%)





Wear ratio (%)





Xintao Molecular Sieve

Xintao , as a professional production factory for more than 20 years, produces many types of zeolite molecular sieve adsorbents. Some of the more common molecular sieve types include Molecular Sieve 3A, Molecular Sieve 4A, Molecular Sieve 5A, Molecular Sieve 13X, Molecular Sieve 13X-APG, Molecular Sieve 13X-HP, Molecular Sieve Li-X, Carbon Molecular Sieve, Nay Molecular Sieve, XH-7/9 Molecular Sieve etc.

3A Molecular Sieve



4A Molecular Sieve



5A Molecular Sieve



13X Molecular Sieve



Oxygen Molecular Sieve



Carbon Molecular Sieve



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