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XINTAO 4A molecular sieve and activated alumina installation

XINTAO 4A molecular sieve and activated alumina installation


XINTAO 4A molecular sieve and activated alumina have dew point to remove the moisture in the compressed air dryer. To start, the compressed air will travel towards the top of the tower and the moisture will be absorbed. Over time, the bed of the desiccant will start to weight down with moisture. As soon as it has reached maximum capacity, the first tower will deactivate and this will need to be removed. 


Especially XINTAO KA401 3.0-5.0mm and XINTAO 4A molecular sieve 3.0-5.0mm are considered as the most effective desiccant to obtain the high-performance results. Thanks for the trust from our client in Foshan, we were invited to the factory to install the desiccants. Good quality and professional service will be our permanent pursuit always.


At the same time, our desiccant can be used for purifying the air or gases. The main features of air dryer desiccant is powder free, high surface area and excellent adsorption capacity, which are also typically used in food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals field. 


Jiangxi XINTAO has years of 19 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of desiccant beads, such as molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve, activated alumina, silica gel and ceramic balls. Any question, please contact us for more.


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