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XINTAO Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS Installation And Replacement

XINTAO Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS Installation And Replacement


XINTAO CMS carbon molecular sieve is a mainstream adsorbent for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system Nitrogen gas generator. There is a differential diffusion rate system based on the fact that the oxygen molecule is smaller than the nitrogen molecule.

CMS adsorbs oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, moisture and so on in compressed air in a short period of time and compressed nitrogen gas is available at the outlet. When the pressure decreases to the atmospheric or vacuum level, CMS which has adsorbed oxygen gas and others easily desorbs them and is regenerated.

When the above two operations are done alternately between
two adsorption columns, nitrogen gas can be available continuously from the air.

XINTAO carbon molecular sieve have different type from CMS220CMS240, CMS260 and CMS280, and N2 purity can reach over 99.99%.


At the same time, Jiangxi XINTAO also provide professional engineering team to help you install the material.

Below is the installation site:



Should you any interest for XINTAO adsorbents, welcome to contact us:

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