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Application Of Xintao Molecular Sieve 3A

Application Of Xintao Molecular Sieve 3A


Xintao 3A molecular sieve can be used in ethylene plant, pyrolysis gas dryer, and air separation plant. The raw material of 3A molecular sieve is zeolite powder, which needs to be treated in the process of Na ion exchange, after high-temperature roasting to burn off the water, the molecular sieve itself has the ability to absorb water, and can also absorb other molecules. Common molecular sieves are divided into A type, X type, Y type and so on. Type A is divided into 3a, 4a, 5a. Type X is divided into 10x, 13x, and Type Y is commonly used as an additive for high-efficiency catalysts, and is mostly used for cracking petroleum.

Xintao 3A molecular sieve is mainly used for drying of petroleum cracking gas, refinery gas, oilfield gas and olefins. Such as drying of ethylene, acetylene, propylene, butadiene, dehydration of alcohol and various solvents. In order to prevent hydrocarbons above ethane from being adsorbed, 3A molecular sieves are also used in the dehydration of rich natural gas.

Its application examples are as follows:

1. Application of 3A molecular sieve in isopropanol dehydration. Isopropanol is an important chemical raw material and organic solvent, widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The industrial production process produces a large amount of mixed waste liquid of isopropanol and water, and it is of great significance to realize the complete separation of isopropanol and water. 3A molecular sieve has a strong adsorption effect on the moisture in isopropanol, and has a good regeneration effect, and can directly obtain high-concentration isopropanol. The adsorption and dehydration of isopropanol by 3A molecular sieve can directly obtain high-concentration isopropanol, and the water absorption of 3A molecular sieve has little relationship with the state of isopropanol (gas state, liquid state). The adsorption of pure isopropanol by 3A molecular sieve The amount is closely related to the adsorption state, and the gaseous state is the smallest. Nearly a hundred experiments have proved that molecular sieve has good regeneration effect, long service life (according to the manufacturer's introduction, it can be used continuously for more than two years), and is easy to operate. Since 3A molecular sieve can realize the dehydration of isopropanol vapor, it can be operated in combination with ordinary distillation towers to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

2. The adsorption effect of 3A molecular sieve on trace water in ethyl acetate solution. Ethyl acetate often contains a certain amount of water, which forms an azeotrope with ethyl acetate. Under normal pressure, the azeotrope contains water with a mass fraction of 8.5%. In order to obtain high-purity ethyl acetate, it is necessary to treat ethyl acetate The commonly used refining methods mainly include: adding accelerator for extraction and refining process; adding constant boiling agent for azeotropic distillation and acetic acid extraction reaction rectification process, etc. The above-mentioned refining process consumes a lot of energy. 3A molecular sieve has a strong adsorption effect on water, and is simple to operate and easy to regenerate. By using 3A molecular sieve to absorb water in ethyl acetate solution, high-purity ethyl acetate can be directly obtained, and the production process is simple and energy consumption is low. The regeneration conditions during the cyclic adsorption process of 3A molecular sieves, the absorption effect after regeneration, and the structural changes inside the molecular sieve after cyclic adsorption and their reasons need to be further studied. Deactivation rate, prolonging the service life of molecular sieves and improving the efficiency of the overall process.

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