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3A Molecular Sieve丨Application and Storage Precautions

3A Molecular Sieve丨Application and Storage Precautions


The 3A molecular screen is a chemical production tower filler that is not missing in the industrial field. The product has a good effect on the drying of water and other gases. It can be used as a desiccant such as natural gas and methane gas. The specific application is as follows:

1.The dryness of various liquids (such as ethanol)

2.The dryness of the air

3.The dryness of the refrigerant

4. The dryness of natural gas and methane gas

5. The dryness of unsaturated hydrocarbons and cracking gas, ethylene, acetylene, acryl, and butthonne

Because 3A molecular sieve has desiccant effects, the product should pay attention to the humidity of the indoor space when storing it. You need to choose the space with a humidity of less than 90, so that the product will not deteriorate during the shelter; It affects the value of the product on the top, and it will also reduce the use cycle of the product; 3A molecular sieve can dry water in the air. Therefore, select an impermeable position during the product storage process. If the air circulation is not smooth The content can play a good role in protecting the product; it is recommended that you seal packaging before the product storage, so that it can protect the product.

The Storage of Molecular Sieve Precautions

Warm reminder: Molecular sieves should avoid adsorption of water, organic gases or liquid before use, otherwise, they should be regenerated.

1. Molecular sieve is very easy to absorb hygroscopic absorption: When preservation, it should not be directly exposed to the air, and should be placed in a dry place. The molecular sieve that has a long storage time should be regenerated before use.

2. Molecular sieve Avoid oil and liquid water: oil can block the hole of the molecular sieve. Especially during regeneration, it is possible to carbonize the oil and cause the holes to block. For gas containing oil, the oil and gas should be separated first, and then the molecular sieve is performed. Due to the heat release of molecular sieves when adsorbing water, the liquid water directly contacts with molecular sieves. The performance of the molecular sieve may be dangerous or the molecular sieve may occur.

When the molecular sieve tower with pressure work is regenerated, the internal pressure of the tower should be slowly reduced. If the pressure reduction speed is too fast, it may cause the molecular sieve particles to be broken powder. The higher the regeneration temperature, the safer the regeneration, but the greater the energy consumption of the regeneration, and the life of the molecular sieve may be shortened, so the regenerative temperature is more suitable between 200-350 ° C. The regeneration temperature should not exceed 600 ° C, otherwise the molecular sieve may lose activity

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