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Natural gas molecular sieve desiccant replacement requirements

Natural gas molecular sieve desiccant replacement requirements


1: Open the bottom flange of the adsorption dryer equipment, remove the adsorbent from the adsorption tank, and then clean the bottom dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner.

2: Check whether the wire mesh under the sieve plate at the bottom of the adsorption tank is damaged. If it is damaged, it is necessary to replace the stainless steel 40 mesh or 60 mesh mesh. It is best to use double-layer stainless steel mesh.

3: The bottom flange is installed and tested for leaks.

4: Open the top flange, pour the molecular sieve from the top flange into the adsorption tank, and fill it to the highest part of the flange. If possible, use a vibration motor to fix it on the top of the flange. Vibrate for 10-20 minutes without vibration motor The equipment uses a wooden stick to poke into the adsorption tank to ensure that the molecular sieve at the edge of the adsorption tank is filled in place, the molecular sieve is filled to the 9/10 position of the adsorption tank, and then filled with 50kg-100kg inert alumina ceramic balls, the size is 6-10mm, which is compact effect.

5: It is best to replace the natural gas desiccant at one time. It is afraid that the desiccant will absorb moisture in the air and affect the drying effect.

6: After the filling is completed, use dry compressed air to purge back, so that the internal dust is discharged from the sewage outlet, repeated 2-3 times, so that the dryer equipment can reach the best state.


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