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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



In a poetic and picturesque manner, we toast to the bright moon and show our  sincere respect to teachers!

Mid-autumn full moon people reunion

Strong Mid-autumn Love / Moonlight Heart

Everyone has a different definition of Mid-Autumn Festival

Some people say that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a piece of moon cake

Some people say that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a ticket

Some people say that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a party

The clock is running slowly, everyone is looking forward to the day of reunion

Different directions, the same pronoun

"Home" leads the wanderer's mood and connects people who are thousands of miles away

The full moon is more than the Mid-autumn Festival, and love is always flowing

Reunion time, Xin Tao's blessings accompany


Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, Moonlight Birthday, Moon Night, Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Worship Festival, Moon Festival, Moon Festival, Reunion Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. Originated in ancient times, popularized in the Han Dynasty, finalized in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, and prevailed after the Song Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a synthesis of autumn seasonal customs, and most of the festival and customs elements it contains have ancient origins. The Mid-Autumn Festival uses the full moon to signify the reunion of people, as a sustenance to miss the hometown, miss the love of relatives, pray for a good harvest and happiness, and become a colorful and precious cultural heritage.

Mid-Autumn Festival Customs

Moon cakes, also known as moon cakes, harvest cakes, palace cakes, and reunion cakes, are offerings to worship the moon god during the Mid-Autumn Festival in ancient times. Later, people gradually regarded the Mid-Autumn Festival moon viewing and tasting moon cakes as a symbol of family reunion. Up to now, eating moon cakes has become an essential custom for Mid-Autumn Festival in all parts of China. On this day, people eat moon cakes to show "reunion".
The custom of appreciating the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival was very popular in the Tang Dynasty, and many poets' famous poems have poems about the moon. In the Song Dynasty, the trend of viewing the moon during the Mid-autumn Festival became more popular. The literati or doctors climbed the building to look at the moon or went boating to invite the moon, drinking and composing poetry, leaving many well-known masterpieces throughout the ages. To this day, sitting together as a family and enjoying the beautiful view of the bright moon in the sky is still one of the essential activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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