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Molecular Sieve Activated Powder in Polyurethane Industry

Molecular Sieve Activated Powder in Polyurethane Industry


Molecular sieve activated powder is a kind of highly effective powder adsorbent with open framework structure and active adsorption space, in which the molecular sieve raw powder is heated by stages and activated at high temperature to remove the moisture in the molecular pores.

Trace water is an important problem in the production and preparation of polyurethane (PU) products. The trace water in polyol will react with isocyanate to generate carbon dioxide, leading to foaming; At the same time, a large amount of heat is released, resulting in a shorter service life (operation time). XINTAO series molecular sieve activating powder added to polyurethane and other product systems can effectively and selectively absorb trace water in typical polyurethane formulations, inhibit the occurrence of side reactions, thus reducing the generation of bubbles and extending the application period.


Characteristics&Functions Of Molecular Sieve Activated Powder:


1. Good dispersion and extremely fast adsorption speed.


2. Dehydrate the moisture sensitive formula to effectively remove unnecessary reaction water and other impurities in the material.


Application field Of Molecular Sieve Activated Powder:


1. Polyurethane system (paint, paint, adhesive, etc.) to remove unnecessary reaction water in the system.


2. Epoxy zinc rich coating, which can inhibit the reaction between water and zinc.


3. The insulating glass adhesive strip can remove the moisture in the paint and sealing materials during the window manufacturing process.


4. In specific polymers, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide generated in the production process are adsorbed.

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