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Difference Between Activated Molecular Sieve Powder And Zeolite Powder

Difference Between Activated Molecular Sieve Powder And Zeolite Powder


What is Activated Molecular Sieve Powder?


Activated molecular sieve powder is prepared from synthetic molecular sieve raw powder after deep processing and activation. Because the molecular sieve raw powder loses most of its moisture during high-temperature roasting, Therefore, activated molecular sieve powder has strong activity, certain dispersibility and rapid adsorption capacity; 

Activated molecular sieve powder can be used as an adsorbent with selective adsorption to directly used in production. It can improve the uniformity and strength of materials; Avoid the generation of foam and extend the service life.

 Activated molecular sieve powder is widely used in the production of polyurethane and other polymers. It can be added to specific polymer or coating production process as a selective adsorbent to adsorb CO2 H2S and other gases produced in the production process. Some powdered molecular sieves can also be used in hollow glass composite adhesive strips as drying agents or as catalyst carriers.


Zeolite powder is ground from natural zeolite rocks its color is light green and white. It is mainly used in purifying water quality, soil texture improvement, feed additives, etc


Zeolite powder is applied to agricultural species, which can adjust soil properties, improve the survival rate of grassland, and increase the intestinal protease activity of grass.


Zeolite powder can be added to the pool as a water quality improver, which can remove 95% of the ammonia nitrogen in the water, purify the water quality, and alleviate the phenomenon of water diversion. The ammonia nitrogen content in pond water can also be regulated to a safe concentration.


Zeolite as a carrier and mixture of additive premixes mixed with trace inorganic salts containing crystalline water can adsorb water, improve the fluidity of feed, and is more conducive to the absorption of animals.


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