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Molecular Sieve - Application, Regeneration, Installation丨XINTAO

Molecular Sieve - Application, Regeneration, Installation丨XINTAO



Application of 3A Molecular Sieve

The pore diameter of the 3A molecular sieve is 3A, which is mainly used for adsorption of water and don’t adsorb molecule with diameter more than 3A. According to the characteristics of industrial application, molecular sieve has fast adsorption speed, number of regenerative times, fragmented strength and anti -pollution capacity, which improves the molecular sieve. The service life of molecular sieve was extended by efficiency and extended the use of molecular sieves. It is the essential adsorption materials necessary for the deep drying, refining, and aggregation of the gas and liquid phase in the oil and chemical industry.

Main Application Areas
/ 3A Molecular Sieve

1) Drying of various liquids (such as ethanol)

2) Drying of the air, drying of insulating glass

3) Drying of the refrigerant

4) Drying of natural gas and methane gas

5) Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons and cracking gas, ethylene, acetylene, acrylic, butadiene

/ 3A Molecular Sieve

Xintao molecular sieve Type 3A can be regenerated by either heating in the case of thermal swing processes; or by lowering the pressure in the case of pressure swing processes. 

To remove moisture from a 3A molecular sieve, a temperature of 200-230°C is required. A properly regenerated molecular sieve can give moisture dew points below -100°C.
The outlet concentrations on a pressure swing process will depend on the gas present, and on the conditions of the process

Application of 4A Molecular Sieve

The pore diameter of the 4A molecular sieve is 4A, absorb water, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acrylin. It don’t adsorb molecule with diameter more than 4A, the choice of water is higher than any other molecule. It is one of the largest molecular sieve varieties in the industry.

Main Application Areas
/ 4A Molecular Sieve

1. Drying of air, natural gas, alkyl, refrigerant and other gases and liquids

2. The production and purification of the storing gas

3. Static and drying of drug packaging, electronic components and easy -to -deteriorate substances

/ 4A Molecular Sieve

4A molecular sieves can be regenerated by heating or to expand the regeneration process by reducing pressure. Water removing water from 4A molecular sieve, temperature 250-300°C is necessary.

Application of 5A Molecular Sieve

XINTAO 5A molecular sieve is a chemical substance. The pore diameter is 5A, which is about 0.5nm. 5A molecular sieve can be adsorbed by any molecule of less than the aperture, which is generally called calcium molecular sieve. In addition to the effects of 3A and 4A molecular sieves, it can also adsorb the C3 -C4 positive alkane, chloroethane, bromohide, butanol, etc., which can be applied to the separation of positive isopic hydrocarbons, transformer adsorption separation and water. Co -adsorption with carbon dioxide.

XINTAO 5A molecular sieve is absorbed by the material at the molecular level, which can adsorb to 22 % of water . Its adsorption principle is similar to the chromatography, but the molecular combination that does not change the substance.

Main Application Areas
/ 5A Molecular Sieve

1. Drying natural gas, desulfurization, and dehydrated carbon dioxide.

2. Separation of nitrogen oxygen, separation of nitrogen hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.

3. Petroleum is separated from the hydrocarbon and ring hydrocarbons.

Molecular Sieve Storage Precautions

1. Xintao molecular sieve has a strong hygroscopicity. When storing, it should not be directly exposed to the air. It should be placed in a dry place. The relative humidity should not be more than 90 %. Regeneration should be performed before use.

2. Molecular sieve avoid oil and liquid water. Oil will block the pores of the molecular sieve, especially in the process of regeneration, which may cause oil carbonization, causing the pores to be blocked. The oil and gas and oil and water should be separated before the molecular sieve tower. A large amount of heat may cause the performance of danger or damage to molecular sieves.

3. When switching the molecular sieve with pressure operation, the pressure inside the tower should be slowly reduced. For example, too fast decompression speed may cause crushing and powdery of molecular sieve particles. The higher the regeneration temperature, the more safer the regeneration is, but the greater the regenerative energy consumption, which affects the life of the molecular sieve. Therefore, the regenerative temperature is preferably 200-350°C. The regeneration temperature generally does not exceed 600°C, otherwise the molecular sieve may lose activity.

Molecular Sieve Installation Guidence

1. The original adsorbent (the absorbent is generally two types of absorbents, active alumina and molecular sieves) must be cleaned up. There is no residual adsorbent in the adsorption tower.

2. During the filling, the method of "vibration filled" plus "layered tiny" method. The specific operation can be filled with one side to vibrate the tower wall to ensure that the adsorbent is filled with densely.

3. Check the inspection after the filling, and you cannot leave the corner of the dead. Pay special attention to the fillers and places where the attached tower is attached.

4. It can be added once every 5-7 days. (If the filling volume of the device is less than 1000kg, it is necessary to add it every 30 days. If the filling amount is less than 500kg, it can be divided into three supplements. Seven, 30 days, and 45-60 days are checked and filled 3 times respectively. This can indeed ensure the use time and effect of active aluminum aluminum). Material of particles, with the increase in running time, the density of the adsorbent will increase, so that the gap will occur in the adsorption tower. Once the gap appears, the adsorbent will produce friction in the adsorption tower. Fan phenomenon, if it is not treated in time, will become more and more serious, resulting in the blockage or damage of subsequent accessories.

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