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Xintao 10 Tons Lithium Molecular Sieve Order-Efforts Will Be Rewarded

Xintao 10 Tons Lithium Molecular Sieve Order-Efforts Will Be Rewarded


In this August, Jiangxi xintao Techology Co.,Ltd got an order of total value two million yuan from an European customer. This customer started from 250kg lithium molecular sieve last year. This time, the customer initially requested 4 tons of lithium molecular sieve. After communication on delivery time and production capacity, the additional order was increased to nearly 10 tons.

 In April 10th, customer send us the inquiry. At that time the raw material price to produce lithium molecular sieve - lithium carbonate is very unstable. After we quote to customer, we try to persuade her to place the order soon in order to avoid price increasing. But customer need get approval of director and can not make sure the quantity. It takes nearly one month to finalize the quantity.


In July, we got PO of customer. And it takes a very long time for customer make payment successfully. We keep in touch very closely and hope the payment issue can be solved soon. Finally good news come, in August, we received payment. it is result of both sides efforts. Thank you for all what customer have done.


ALL the efforts will be rewarded.  Even though some comes very late, Life will not make those people disappointed who are working hard。


Xintao lithium molecular sieve brief introduction:

Lithium based molecular sieve, is a synthetic zeolite of lithium-type crystal structure, large Nitrogen adsorption capacity, high efficiency of oxygen/nitrogen separation.

Xintao Lithium molecular sieve, has the advantages of high N2 adsorption capacity, high N2 and O2 separation efficiency, high purity of oxygen and long service life.

It is mainly used in the VPSA O2 unit, the O2 and N2 separation, the production of  industrial and medical oxygen.

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