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Activated Molecular Sieve Powder: Moisture Reduction and Bubble Elimination in Two-Component Polyurethane

Activated Molecular Sieve Powder: Moisture Reduction and Bubble Elimination in Two-Component Polyurethane


Abstract: During the production and application process of two-component polyurethane, bubbles are often generated due to the influence of moisture, which affects product quality. This article will introduce a new solution - activated molecular sieve powder developed and produced by Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. for 22 years, and explore its unique advantages and application prospects in removing moisture and eliminating bubbles from two-component polyurethane.


Moisture problems and effects of two-component polyurethane


Two-component polyurethane is composed of component A (isocyanate component) and component B (polyol component). It has excellent properties such as good wear resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion. It is widely used in coatings, adhesives, foams and other fields. However, during production and use, two-component polyurethane is easily affected by moisture, leading to the generation of bubbles and affecting product performance.


The influence of moisture on two-component polyurethane is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Reaction speed decreases: Moisture reacts with the isocyanate component, reducing the effective component content and affecting the curing speed.


2. Reduced hardness: Water participates in the curing reaction, and the resulting product has lower hardness, which affects product performance.


3. Generation of bubbles: Moisture reacts with isocyanate components to generate carbon dioxide gas, forming bubbles, which affects the appearance and performance of the product.


4. Reduce bonding strength: Moisture affects the bonding performance of two-component polyurethane and reduces bonding strength.

Principles and applications of powder molecular sieves


Activated molecular sieve powder is an adsorbent with microporous structure and high specific surface area, which can effectively absorb and remove impurities such as moisture and gas. Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R&D and production of molecular sieves powder  for 22 years, providing new solutions for moisture elimination and bubble suppression in two-component polyurethane.


1. Principle


The principle of molecular sieve powder to remove moisture from two-component polyurethane is mainly based on the following aspects:


(1) Physical adsorption: Molecular sieve has a rich microporous structure, and water molecules are adsorbed in the pores.


(2) Chemical adsorption: The silanol groups on the surface of the molecular sieve form hydrogen bonds with water molecules to enhance the adsorption effect.


(3) Selective adsorption: Molecular sieve has a high selective adsorption capacity for moisture and can effectively remove moisture without affecting other properties of two-component polyurethane.


2. Application


(1) During the production process: In the production process of two-component polyurethane, adding  3a or 4a molecular sieve powder to component A or component B can effectively remove moisture and improve product quality.


(2) During application: Before construction, adding activated molecular sieve powder to two-component polyurethane can eliminate bubbles and improve product appearance and performance.


(3) During storage: When storing two-component polyurethane, adding powdered molecular sieve can prevent moisture intrusion and ensure product quality.


Advantages of powder molecular sieves


1. Efficiently remove moisture: xintao molecular sieve powder has a high specific surface area and rich micropore structure, which can effectively remove moisture from two-component polyurethane.


2. Suppress the generation of bubbles: Molecular sieves can absorb moisture and reduce the generation of carbon dioxide gas, thereby reducing the generation of bubbles.


3. Improve product quality: remove moisture and air bubbles, and improve the curing speed, hardness, bonding strength and other properties of two-component polyurethane.


4. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: activated zeolite molecular sieve powder is physically adsorbed, has no chemical reaction, and is environmentally friendly.


5. Easy to operate: Powder molecular sieve is easy to use, just add it to two-component polyurethane according to a certain proportion.




As a new type of adsorbent, xintao molecular sieve powder has significant advantages in removing moisture and eliminating bubbles from two-component polyurethane. Xintao Technology has 22 years of experience in the research, development and production of powdered molecular sieves, providing efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solutions for the two-component polyurethane industry. It is believed that the widespread application of powdered molecular sieves in the field of two-component polyurethane will effectively promote the development and innovation of the industry.

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