Tongchuan molecular sieve sewage treatment will realize online monitoring

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

Walking on Nanmen Village Road, careful people will find that each family has a small removable garbage can, and the villagers' garbage will be thrown into the garbage can. In Nanmen Village, where there are 1,580 movable trash cans, the phenomenon of 'littering' has become a thing of the past.

Garbage treatment and sewage treatment are the two major 'difficulties' in the improvement of rural appearance. In the process of building a happy village, Doumen takes the construction of 'six major projects' as the starting point to promote the improvement of the rural environment, increase investment in rural garbage treatment and sewage treatment, and form a 'beautiful village'.

On this basis, the innovative measures of Doumen District have been introduced a few days ago, and the 'Interim Measures for the Evaluation of Rural Environmental Sanitation Improvement in Doumen District' have been promulgated. The district evaluation team conducts a monthly evaluation of each town, and the top-ranked towns are rewarded with 250,000 yuan each month to reward the show, replacing the traditional model of uniform compensation in the past. At the same time, using Internet technology to improve the efficiency of Tongchuan molecular sieve sewage treatment, Tongchuan molecular sieve sewage treatment will also be monitored online.

Implement the 'Internet Rural Sewage Treatment' remediation model

In the past, due to lack of start-up capital, the treatment of molecular sieve sewage in Tongchuan City, which is far from the center of Chongzuo Nanmen Town, has been relatively stagnant. Most of the domestic sewage in the village was discharged into Nanmeng Yong, which affected the water quality and improved the village environment. In the construction of happy village houses, the village has built a Tongchuan Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Ecological Park, using pretreatment and biological infiltration processes to treat sewage, and the 'water environment' in the village has been improved.

The wetland ecological park with a total area of u200bu200bno more than 200 square meters actually carries the domestic sewage treatment task of more than 300 people. It is understood that the Nanmen Ecological Sewage Treatment Station in Doumen Town is small in scale and can process 50 tons of sewage every day. The filtered water can irrigate farmland, which greatly alleviates the problem of 'rural sewage circulation'.

However, the location of Tongchuan Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Station is relatively remote, and the staff on duty are reluctant to stand on the station. To this end, Chongkou Village has installed a WAN remote monitoring system at the governance station. Sending equipment sampling to the headquarters of the sewage treatment plant, replacing manual maintenance sampling with mechanical equipment, and improving supervision efficiency by combining with the Internet, each ton of sewage can save about 0.7 yuan in treatment costs.

For example, there are many molecular sieve sewage treatment plants in Tongchuan City built in Doukou Village. As of July this year, 12 village houses in Doumen have completed the construction of domestic sewage treatment facilities, and 23 village houses are under construction. It is understood that of the 124 villages in Doumen District, 65 villages will build domestic sewage treatment facilities, of which 59 villages will be connected to Tongchuan molecular sieve sewage treatment plants or rural sewage treatment facilities through pipe networks.

According to the plan, Doumen will achieve the goal of comprehensive coverage of rural domestic sewage treatment this year, and most villages will build small sewage treatment plants in wetland ecological parks; at the same time, the 'Internet sewage treatment' model will gradually be popularized in this area. In the future, rural sewage treatment Online monitoring will be implemented.

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