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Carbon Molecular Sieve Filling Guidance

Carbon Molecular Sieve Filling Guidance


1.Before filling:

1.  Prepare the sealed carbon molecular sieve, vibration machine; assembly brackets for vertical cylinder of a filler tower block packing assembly, driving or hanging gourd (annex); other assembly tool, new sealing gaskets, clean Palm Mats and cable ties.

2.  Fitters:4 person (recommendation);


2.Operating procedures (recommendation A / B tower at the same time, should compare operating conditions for two towers, etc):

A) Normal equipment shutdown (cut off power to the device to stop gas supply) and relief (near atmospheric pressure device, sewerage open);

B) Open the clamping device system (notice the internal parts, you can refer to the manual of the equipment); meanwhile disassembling electrical alarm limit switches and keep records!


C) Use the "driving or hanging gourd" system to carry the carbon molecular sieve;

D) Open the flange mouth on the top of Nitrogen adsorption tower, observe carbon molecular sieve compensation cavity filler conditions (such as granular plump whether powder, etc.) take out the molecular sieve powder from the adsorption tower first;

E) To the mounting brackets, you can add discretion to compensate for carbon molecular sieve chamber; according to conditions optional vibrating machine;

F)  Keep the inner wall of the compensation chamber handle cleaning, fitted with internal compression device system components;

G) Use the "driving or hanging gourd" Mobile clamping device systems, installation accessories (new gasket, clean Palm Mats); with Nitrogen adsorption tower above the right flange assembly;

H) Installation of electrical parts, pneumatic parts, pay attention to the disassemble mark!

I)  Re-confirm the mechanical, electrical part is installed good!

J) Power on the device (check the power, and the control system is not short circuit fault phenomenon), adjust the limit switch position; determine whether normal (otherwise, in accordance with the electrical maintenance);

K) Closed the sewage system valve, turn the gas supply system, adjust the limit switch one or two stroke position;

L) According to the manual of the equipment, normal operation! And do a good job replacing the carbon molecular sieve process of recording (replacement time, the newly added carbon molecular sieve weight, etc.)

M) How to fill molecular sieve: select about a 0.75-1KW, frequency of 870 times/minute vibration machine, the device is fixed on the top of the flange. shake vibration 1-5 minutes about 4 times until filling completion.

N) When the nitrogen machine equipment running one hour, checking again clamping device whether fugitive dust declined, if dropped,have to add molecular sieve.

3.Xintao Provides Customers With On-site Filling Guidance

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