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10 Tons of Carbon Molecular Sieve Exported to Europe

10 Tons of Carbon Molecular Sieve Exported to Europe


In April 2023, Xintao exported more than 10 tons of carbon molecular sieves to Europe. The customer is an engineering company that Xintao has cooperated with for a long time. It specializes in providing comprehensive design services for companies with gas separation needs in Europe.

European customers contacted Xintao at the end of June last year about their demand for carbon molecular sieves for PSA nitrogen production. After receiving the customer's parameters, we are very confident that Xintao Carbon Molecular Sieve can meet the customer's needs, and the quality of Xintao Carbon Molecular Sieve is far better than the customer's needs. It took nine months for the project from the inquiry to the order. During this period, Xintao has maintained friendly communication with the customer. Finally, with mutual cooperation, they jointly won the bidding for the carbon molecular sieve. All the efforts and waiting were paid off. is worth it.

With the opening of China's foreign trade market, everything is getting better and better. As a carbon molecular sieve supplier and factory, Xintao took less than 2 weeks from confirming the order to completing the production of more than ten tons of carbon molecular sieves. . Next, from production to packaging to shipment, the process is compact and the shipment schedule fully meets the needs of customers.

Carbon molecular sieves are mainly used for the production of nitrogen gas, with a concentration of up to 99.5% -99.999%. They are available in models CMS-220, CMS-240, CMS-260, and CMS-280, with sizes ranging from 0.9mm to 2.0mm. Of course, we also accept customized sizes from customers.

The element of carbon molecular sieve is carbon, which has a stable structure and is an excellent non-polar carbon material. Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are used to separate and enrich nitrogen from air. They use a normal temperature and low pressure nitrogen production process, which has advantages such as less investment, faster nitrogen production speed, and lower nitrogen cost compared to traditional deep cold and high pressure nitrogen production processes. Therefore, it is the preferred pressure swing adsorption (P.S.A for short) nitrogen rich adsorbent for air separation in the engineering field. This nitrogen is widely used in chemical industry, oil and gas industry, electronics industry, food industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, cable industry, metal heat treatment, transportation and storage.

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