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How to Choose Oxygen Molecular Sieve?

How to Choose Oxygen Molecular Sieve?


There are two main types of zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen concentrators in the market, sodium type, and lithium type molecular sieves. The lithium-type zeolite molecular sieves are more efficient than sodium-type zeolite molecular sieves that can greatly reduce the volume of oxygen generators which makes the oxygen concentrator smaller and easier to carry around. Since the lithium molecular sieve is much more expensive than the sodium type, the sodium oxygen molecular sieve is also very popular in the market in most cases.

XINTAO is a professional molecular sieve manufacturer for oxygen generators Among our products, XINTAO 13X HP molecular sieve is a sodium-type molecular sieve and XINTAO lithium molecular sieve is a lithium molecular sieve. XINTAO 13X HP molecular sieve adsorbents are patented products specially designed for use in medical oxygen concentrators that employ a pressure swing cycle to generate high purity oxygen.XINTAO 13X HP molecular sieve is recommended to use in portable oxygen concentrators of 1-5/L min and XINTAO lithium molecular sieve is recommended to use in portable oxygen concentrators that are required with smaller sizes.

Both XINTAO 13X HP molecular sieve and XINTAO lithium molecular sieve have a high nitrogen capacity and superior nitrogen/oxygen selectivity compared to equivalent products in the market that result in the use of significantly less material relative to other molecular sieve adsorbents without sacrificing oxygen throughput or purity.

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) and VPSA (vacuum pressure swing adsorption) technologies are two commonly used methods for oxygen production. Both methods use zeolite molecular sieves. By pressure swing, the nitrogen and oxygen in the air are separated through adsorption and desorption processes to obtain high-purity oxygen. Because argon in the air has similar properties to oxygen, it is difficult to be separated from oxygen by zeolite molecular sieve, so the purity of oxygen obtained is <96% maximum.

The sodium-based molecular sieve and lithium-based molecular sieve produced by JIANGXI XINTAO are specially designed for PSA and VPSA respectively. Both these two products have large adsorption capacity, good N2/O2 selectivity, high crush strength, and good dynamic adsorption performance. Since entering the market in 2010, it has been widely used, and its quality and performance have been tested by the market. 

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