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13X APG Molecular Sieve for Air Cryo-Separation Industry

13X APG Molecular Sieve for Air Cryo-Separation Industry


13X APG molecular sieve, the main ingredient is silicon aluminate, and the pore diameter is 10A. It is a special molecular sieve produced by molecular sieveing for the deep -cold section industry, further improving the molecular sieve's adsorption capacity to CO2 and H2O, and avoiding the phenomenon of frozen tower during the empty split process.

13X APG molecular sieve, which has high carbon dioxide adsorption capacity, and can adsorb the trace water, acetylene and other hydrocarbons in the air, which is suitable for deep -cold air separation devices of various sizes.

The use of 13X-APG molecular sieve in industry is used in general gas drying, which can achieve H2O and H2S co-adsorption. It is widely used in the deep-cold vacation purification system to remove H2O and CO2, and avoid frozen tower phenomena in the deep cold process. Xintao 13X-APG molecular sieve has been widely used to compress the air industry, as well as empty equipment for chemical plants and steel mills.

Use: The purification of large and medium -sized vacant device materials is mainly used (together to remove H2O and CO2) and some hydrocarbon compounds. Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid hydrocarbons are boring and desulfurized; commonly used gas is boring.

Molecular sieve regeneration: 1. Remove water: Depending on the pressure, temperature, and moisture content of the regeneration gas. Under normal circumstances, under the pressure of 0.3 to 0.5kg/square centimeter pressure at 0.3 to 0.5kg/square centimeters, the molecular sieve bed layer is 3 to 4 hours. 2. Take off organic matter: Use water vapor instead of organic matter, and then remove the water. Storage: room temperature, relative humidity is not more than 90%indoor: prevent water, acid, alkali, blocking air, and closed preservation. Packaging: 25kg sealing steel barrel, 125kg sealed steel barrel, 140kg sealing steel barrel (strip).

Specific application: It is applied to deep -cold air separation devices to remove H2O and CO2 in the air to help the deep -cold legal system N2 and O2.

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