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0.5-1mm Activated Alumina

0.5-1mm Activated Alumina


Supply 0.5-1mm Activated alumina beads and 1-mm activated alumina ball,  Large surface area, high strength, good thermal stability and other characteristics. Suitable for the dryness of various gases and liquids. It has been used in steel plants, fertilizer plants, oxygen plants, petrochemical plants, environmentally friendly water treatment, drinking water removal, and refining units, and can also be used as a catalyst carrier.


Activated alumina ball is a product made after special treatment. Activated alumina balls are non-toxic, tasteless, energy, insoluble in water. The appearance is white spherical and strong water absorption. Under certain renewable conditions, the dry deep dew point of the activated alumina is up to -70 ° C. This is an efficient desiccant that is used for trace water deep drying. Drying liquids and gases are mainly active alumina microspheres. Although all molecules can be absorbed to a certain extent, the strong polar molecules will be prioritized. The dryness and adsorption of the desiccant will be affected by the gas concentration, molecular weight, temperature, pressure and molecular activity. It is very suitable for thermal regeneration device, because the net heat of the single -molecule adsorption layer is high. Activated alumina 0 .5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-3mm were white spherical porous particles, uniform particle size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength than surface area, strong hygroscopicity, not swelling after water absorption, not swelling Do not crack.

Xintao’s 2-3mm and 1-2mm activated alumina usually used for removal of fluoride and arsenic. Welcome to consult us.


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