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The Difference of Narrow Pore Silica Gel and Silica Alumina Gel

The Difference of Narrow Pore Silica Gel and Silica Alumina Gel


Type A(narrow pore),  average pore diameter: 2-3nm, pore volume: 0.35-0.45ml/g, specific surface area:650-800㎡ /g.

Application: Usually used as dryers,protect from moisture. It belongs to low relative humidity with higher adsorption capacity.  When the relative humidity is between 20%-50% its adsorption capacity is the best.

2.  silica alumina gel (type H),  pore volume: 0.45-0.5ml/g, specific surface area:700㎡ /g.

Compared to Type A silica gel, the adsorption capacity of  silica alumina gel (type H) is quite the same when applicated at low relative humidity ,(e.g.RH=10%,RH=20%).

While at high humidity its adsorption capacity is 6—10%higher than Type A silica gel.


Also its thermal stability(350℃) is over 150℃ higher than that of type A silica gel (200℃).


Application: It can be used as common dryer ,catalyst and its carrier ,Pressure Swing Adsorption separation adsorbent (PSA- Pressure sewing adsorption). Ideally suited for use as high temperate absorbent and variable-temperature absorbent(TSA-Temperature Sewing adsorption).


If there is water drop in the system, we need add 20% water resistance alumina silica gel as protection layer.


3. Silica Alumina Gel (Type WS), is white spherical particle, and is a waterproof porous silica gel adsorbent. In the case of water content is relatively high, it can effectively protect other adsorbents and catalysts.  

Xintao Silica Alumina Gel (Type WS), has the advantages of not easily broken, wear-resistant, strong adsorption, long service life and good cost performance, can reduce the production cost in practical application.

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