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Xintao Loaded 7 Containers of Molecular Sieves to Europe

Xintao Loaded 7 Containers of Molecular Sieves to Europe


Molecular sieves have good selectivity and adsorption properties and are widely used in air separation, petrochemical drying, gas purification and other fields. As an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of molecular sieves for 22 years, Xintao is well-known in the molecular sieve industry for its high-quality quality and excellent service.

At present, Xintao molecular sieves are mainly used in the following fields:

1. Air purification

Through its unique pore structure, molecular sieves can selectively adsorb and separate molecules such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, so that impurity gases in the gas can be effectively removed. With the help of Xintao molecular sieves, the gas production efficiency of the factory has been greatly improved, providing customers with long-term gas separation operations.

2. Drying and dehydration

Molecular sieves can efficiently and selectively adsorb impurities in chemicals, thereby improving the purity of chemicals and achieving significant economic benefits. Xintao molecular sieves are used in the adsorption and separation of organic solutions such as methanol, ethanol, and acetone, which greatly reduces production costs and improves the quality of chemicals.

3. Desulfurization

Xintao molecular sieve has a high specific surface area, uniform pore structure, and high chemical stability, which makes it play a huge role in the removal of organic sulfides in petroleum gas or light oil products, and also generates huge economic benefits for the oil refining industry. benefit.

This time Xintao loaded 7 containers of molecular sieves and shipped them to Europe. Xintao's quality assurance and fast delivery services have been highly praised by customers. This is due to Xintao's strict control of quality and accurate calculation of production and delivery of delivery, making it trustworthy to customers. At the same time, this also shows Xintao Enterprise's leading productivity and comprehensive strength in the field of molecular sieves.

In the future, Xintao will continue to adhere to the vision of "quality first, service first", continue to promote research and development and innovation in the field of molecular sieve applications, and serve a wider range of customers.

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