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Activated Alumina for Fluoride & Arsenic Removal

Activated Alumina for Fluoride & Arsenic Removal


Activated alumina fluorine removal agent is white spherical, with high fluoride capacity, good physical properties, high strength, non -toxic, tasteless, soaked in water without weakness, not swelling, no rupture, completely reliable use, easy regeneration, long service life. It can be used as removing fluoride in drinking water fluoride or other industrial devices.

Activated alumina has the effect of adsorption impurities. It can be divided into three types: large holes (100-500A), medium holes (40-100A), and micropores (<40A). Has a certain adsorption ability. Fluoride is mainly in the water state. The removal process is mainly to remove fluorine in the ionic state in the water. At this time, the adsorption effect of active aluminum aluminum only accounts for small parts. The most important thing is its ion exchange ability.

Activated Alumina has many capillary channels and large surface area, which can be used as adsorbents, desiccants and catalysts. At the same time, according to the strong and weakness of the adsorption substance, it is determined that it has a strong intact force for water, oxide, acetic acid, and alkali. It is a deep -water deep desiccant and an adsorbent of adsorbent molecules. Activated aluminum oxide is similar to that of the anionic anionic resin on the antichen, but it is large.

Principles of ion exchange of Activated alumina ball

1. What is the fluorine removal process? Simply put, it is to remove the fluorine that presents the ion state from the water. As a typical bisexual compound, active aluminum is an anionic exchange agent under acidic conditions.

2. Activating aluminum removal principle is mainly ion exchange mechanism.

3. The experiment confirmed that its adsorption performance was secondary.

4. When the activated alumina is switched to saturated, it can be regenerated with aluminum sulfate, or a 1 % concentration NaOH regeneration can also be used.

The optimal fluoride removal environment is to lower the pH value of the raw water to about 5.5. The effect of removing fluoride is better and more economical.

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