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Application of 5A Molecular Sieve Modified Activated Powder in Automotive Polyurethane

Application of 5A Molecular Sieve Modified Activated Powder in Automotive Polyurethane


Cars are inseparable from adhesives and sealants. A good car often needs more than ten to tens of kilograms of adhesives and sealants. Adhesives and sealants solve the "three leaks" problem of automobiles, not only enhance the structure of automobiles, heat insulation and vibration reduction, and interior and exterior decoration, but also simplify the automobile manufacturing process.Adhesives play an increasingly important role in automobile lightweight, energy saving and consumption reduction, and prolonging service life. 

The introduction of a large number of lightweight metals, composite materials and plastics into new car structures has promoted the continued growth of automotive adhesives and sealants, and automotive interior parts are also an area where the use of adhesives has increased. 

Polyurethane adhesive is a general term for adhesives with polyisocyanate and polyether or polyester polyol as the main materials. Those containing multiple carbamate groups or isocyanate groups in the molecular structure are called polyurethanes. For land transportation, it is expected that the adhesive will have good cohesive force between -40°C and 100°C, be resistant to water, salt spray, fuel and cleaning agents, shock and vibration, and have a long service life. Polyurethane adhesives meet the above requirements and have better toughness, room temperature curing and better adhesion to plastic parts than epoxy resin adhesives. Therefore, polyurethane adhesives have become the main adhesives for automobiles.

A method for producing molecular sieve active powder suitable for polyurethane systems, characterized in that, at a surface treatment temperature of 10-100°C, the surface of 5A molecular sieve powder is modified with a surface modifier, and then activated at 450-650°C After 3-60 minutes, the molecular sieve active powder is prepared, wherein the added amount of the surface modifier is 0.5-3.0% of the weight of the 5A molecular sieve on a dry basis.

Polyurethane coatings are generally applied right on the wet surface. By adding a certain amount of 5A active molecular sieve filler, these traces of water can be absorbed inside the molecular sieve, avoiding the generation of air bubbles in the polyurethane matrix, or the peeling phenomenon caused by the upper layer curing first. By modifying the molecular sieve, the affinity between the molecular sieve filler and the polyurethane is improved, the trial period of the polyurethane is extended, the appearance of the polyurethane is improved, and the mechanical strength is increased.

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